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For businesses seeking better management, growth, increased profits and cost reduction, SG Gestão e Performance works on all the necessary aspects for your company to obtain better results.


We are specialists in the corporate renewal process, in the implementation of a set of actions that allow the transformation, optimization and expansion of businesses.


In the first stage, the entire organizational culture is reassessed, redefining strategies, concepts, portfolio, commercial policy, marketing planning, positions, salaries and other actions aimed at improving the organization's climate and increasing profitability.


After the transformation stage, the strategies aim to gain efficiency for the business. For this, plans are drawn up, according to each case, focused on increasing revenue and reducing costs.


Every promising business aims at expansion, this is the focus at this stage of the process. It can happen organically, with equity, other investments, or through acquisitions, thinking about complementing the portfolio or incorporating competitors.

"Our focus is not only on promoting the recovery of companies, but rather, combined with a good action plan, generating credibility gains and sustained growth, generating value for everyone involved with the business."

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